Foxberry’s aim is to foster a closer connection to nature. We want to impart that nature does not necessarily mean wilderness. Nature can be found in your backyard, local park, or school garden. Foxberry’s programming is designed to highlight natural environments within the city, where kids live, play and learn. We strive to forge connections between kids, the urban environment, and the natural world.

Foxberry Education is run by Nicole Parish-Andrews, an Environmental Educator devoted to creative engaging, culturally relevant environmental science lessons for Kindergarten through 12th grade. Nicole has a Master’s Degree in Urban Environmental Education and specializes in hands-on, placed based activities. Foxberry Education provides consultation on developing urban environmental educational programs as well as classroom visits to enhance science units learned in school.

Our Story 

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Many of us have that one person in our life who inspires us to follow our dreams. Who encourages our curiosity, creativity, or passion for learning and doesn’t stifle it. For Nicole, that person was her maternal grandfather, Berry Fox. 

Growing up in Bellingham Washington, Nicole lived with her grandparents for the first 5 years of her life. Her grandpa would take her out on walks through the woods where they lived to explore “deer trails”, searching for wildlife and interesting plants. Berry also introduced young Nicole to the lake and the Sound. They would spend hours out on the boat or on the docks or the beaches near his home. Nicole developed a deep love of all things living and the natural world (except spiders). With her grandfather, she would pick berries, touch slugs, climb trees, collect rocks, and enjoy all the outdoors had to offer. 

Grandpa Fox continued to challenge her as an adult as Nicole got her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies, and showed great interest in her work with AmeriCorps in Spokane. Sadly, Berry died before Nicole completed her Masters’. She was devastated, but grateful for all the lessons Grandpa Fox taught her. When she established her business in outdoor and environmental education, she knew exactly who to name it after. This one’s for you, grandpa. 


Current contracts include:

Garden Educator with Boys and Girls Clubs

Garden Educator at Cascadia Elementary

OST Teacher with Seattle Parks and Rec


Nicole Parish is a very professional environmental educator. Her classroom management skills are way above par in both classroom and outdoor settings. She has the skills and knowledge of a veteran teacher. Nicole engages students in hands-on learning while giving them a tremendous opportunity to learn independently as well as through guided instruction. Nicole values teaching students how to think…not what to think!

-Kara Kaelber, Education Director at Franklin Conservation District