Services offered

Garden Coordination

Foxberry Education provides a Garden Coordinator to Seattle Elementary schools in need of an educator to develop and deliver garden curriculum aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, coordinate volunteers, plan and run work parties, and run their garden program. Foxberry works with PTAs and principals to find and write grants to support garden education, create Fall and Spring planting plans for school gardens, plan and implement events around the garden, and  make school gardens accessible to as many students as possible. Foxberry supports both during- and after-school garden programs. Please contact if you are interested in hiring Foxberry Education to run your school garden program.


Foxberry provides both individual workshops and class series related to environmental education. These programs include:


Worm Lesson
Student presenting a model to the group during an after school program
  • Salmon Education– Get to know about Salmon habitats, life cycle, and anatomy though fun and interactive games and activities, even a dissection presentation!
  • Soil Science– Using models to learn about soil food webs, soil structure and composition, and chemistry, and how that effects the plants that rely on it to grow.
  • Pollination Exploration– Discover what pollinators need to survive, and how we can help them. Are wasps pollinators? Do hummingbirds like fragrant flowers? How do bees know where to find flowers? Find the answers to all these questions and more in this fun and fascinating workshop, then make a pollinator-friendly project to take home!
  • Schoolyard Ecosystem- This lesson explores different species around the schoolyard, and discusses the complex inter-workings of ecosystems in general.
  •  Amazing Seeds – Talk about the systems of plants and how they use their amazing seeds to travel to new places.
  • Digging Decomposers– Worms, millipedes, pill bugs, oh my! “Dig in” to the small but vast world of decomposers. Learn why they are so important to the health of the soil, and see them in action first hand!
  • Urban Wildlife- Activities around birds, squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, and other urban creatures and their importance to our urban environment.  Learn about the creatures in your own backyard, and consider how they are connected to so many others. Make a unique craft project to brighten up your backyard or patio and attract birds!


Middle and High School

  • DIY Cosmetics– Cosmetic” is a word from the Greek “to adorn”. In this class, adorn yourself with hand-made personal hygiene products! Learn about the environmental and health impacts of certain beauty products and how to avoid them in your self-care regimen. Take home your own sugar scrub, deodorant, hair care products, and more!
  • Upcycled DIY– Gain useful knowledge and skills while producing less waste by turning old t-shirts into bags, used cans into candles, plastic bottles into art, and much more.


High School students making bath bombs in DIY Cosmetics

Professional Development

  • Classroom Behavior Management- This workshop is designed to help after school programs develop strategies to avoid and effectively manage discipline issues in the classroom.
  • Gardening with Kids- Learn tips and tricks from a professional garden educator about how to bring kids into the garden space. This workshop explains different methods of garden education, class structures, and the best plants and ways of planting with kids.


Looking for a class or workshop related to garden, environmental or outdoor education? Let us know! Contact