Testimonials recommending Nicole’s work

Prof. Ron Harris-White

I have been acquainted with Nicole’s work since 2015 [as] a graduate student of mine at Antioch University Seattle. Ms. Parish is an educator, storyteller and community activist with a strong work ethic. She is reliable and focused. She displays a firm and unyielding commitment to expression, environmental education and community building. Nicole is a mature and thoughtful young professional. She engages, listens, reflects then acts. Nicole is very task oriented and she is a strong project manager.

Professor Ron Harris-White, Director of Urban Environmental Leadership and Diversity, Antioch University Seattle

Nicole Parish is a very professional environmental educator. Her classroom management skills are way above par in both classroom and outdoor settings. She has the skills and knowledge of a veteran teacher. Nicole engages students in hands-on learning while giving them a tremendous opportunity to learn independently as well as through guided instruction. Nicole values teaching students how to think…not what to think!

Kara Kaelber, Education Director Franklin Conservation District

Nicole has a unique ability to hone in on the curiosity of her students to help them learn  environmental education through fun, hands on activities. Youth are drawn to her vast knowledge, passion for nature and emphasis  on fun!

Nicole is amazing at classroom management and is able to keep kids engaged in fun ways!

Joan Caldon, Club Executive Director, North Seattle Boys and Girls Club