Winter Session Classes

Join us after school January through March for Winter Session Classes at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School! Open to Eagle Staff students with Boys and Girls Club memberships. Each class runs in a 9-week session.

DIY Cosmetics:
Ever wanted to make your own beauty products, but not sure where to begin? This class is a great place to start! Learn to make everyday products like shampoo and deodorant, as well as luxury “spa” products like sugar scrub and face masks, all while learning about the benefits of their natural ingredients.
Dates: Tuesdays January 9th-March 13th
Cost: $140 plus membership
Up-Cycled Crafting:
Have fun turning old t-shirts into bags, used cans into candles, plastic bottles into art, and doing many other interesting and repeat-able projects in this DIY-Upcycling class! You will gain useful knowledge and skills while producing less waste.
Dates: Thursdays January 11th-March 15th
Cost: $120 plus membership




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