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Foxberry Education

Foxberry Education offers fun, interactive online Clubs and Classes!

Now your child can participate in safe virtual classes, workshops, and Clubs. Learn about gardening, urban wildlife, and more while being part of an online gardening community! See our programming opportunities below.

Fall Online Garden Club

Join us this Fall for a fun, enriching gardening program! We will be learning about how to grow and prepare our own food as well as the importance of compost, seeds, and more through a variety of games, art, cooking, and science projects!

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Outschool Classes

Honey Bee on a Sunflower

Meet A Pollinator

Get to know one of nature’s most helpful creatures: the pollinator.
This class will cover the anatomy of several pollinators, their life cycles, and what types of flowers they prefer.

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Earthworm in Soil

Meet an Earthworm

In this class, we will observe worms, identify different parts of their bodies, and learn how they benefit plants and soil.

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Dried beans in a Jar

Seed Saving Workshop

Learn how to identify, harvest, and save seeds from your garden! In this course, we will talk about the science of seeds, why plants need them, and how they travel.

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Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

Frank Lloyd Wright

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