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We are dedicated to providing hands-on learning opportunities in the field of environmental education. Foxberry Education is devoted to re-connecting students to natural systems through culturally responsive learning. We believe in inclusion, student empowerment, inquiry-based science, and pedagogy based around respecting students’ bodies of knowledge thought processes.

Foxberry offers curriculum development, workshops, and teaching contracts within the realm of science education and environmental learning.



Nicole Parish has been the garden educator at our north end Seattle Public elementary school for the last two years. Her curriculum and expectations are age appropriate and engaging. Nicole is passionate about gardening and it comes across in her lessons. Her lessons follow the seasons so they are relevant to what is happening in our garden when she gives them. Nicole has been reliable and she works hard. Our students get so excited to watch our small school garden spring to life from all the seeds they started with her!

Cheryl Adams- 3rd Grade Teacher

I have been acquainted with Nicole’s work since 2015 [as] a graduate student of mine at Antioch University Seattle. Ms. Parish is an educator, storyteller and community activist with a strong work ethic. She is reliable and focused. She displays a firm and unyielding commitment to expression, environmental education and community building. Nicole is a mature and thoughtful young professional. She engages, listens, reflects then acts. Nicole is very task oriented and she is a strong project manager.

Professor Ron Harris-White, Director of Urban Environmental Leadership and Diversity, Antioch University Seattle